K STADIUM Privacy Policy

K STADIUM Pte. LTD, Singapore (hereinafter, “Company”) places importance on users’ personal information, and intends to openly and transparently disclose the method of collecting and processing personal information through the application.

The Company collects, uses, shares, and stores the personal information of users of the Company’s website (https://kstadium.io) and the Company’s mobile application.

This Policy applies to the sites, applications, products, and services that are posted, linked or referenced (hereinafter, collectively referred to as “Services”).

The Company will collect only the minimum amount of personal information at the required time, and the collected personal information shall be used only within the scope notified and shall not be used or disclosed to the outside out of such scope without prior consent.


The Company collects the following information about you.

  1. Information provided by you
    • Network information on transactions
    • Contact information such as email address
    • Feedback and correspondence such as information you provide when you participate in market research activities, report service issues, receive client support, otherwise communicate with the Company, or respond to surveys
    • Usage information and marketing information such as information on how you use the Services and interact with the Company
  2. Automatically collected information
    • Any specific information on how you use our site may be automatically recorded (such information shall be referred to as “Log Data”). Log Data may include information such as a user’s internet protocol (IP) address, device and browser type, operating system, pages or functions of our site explored by a user, time and frequency spent on the relevant page or function, etc. The site is used through a user, search terms, links to our site and other statistics clicked or used by a user. The Company uses such information to manage the Services and analyzes such information (any third party can be employed for analysis) to expand functions and adjust them to suit user’s needs and preferences, thereby improving the Services.
    • The Company may use cookies, local storage or similar technologies to analyze trends, manage websites, track user’s movements on websites, and collect demographic information about the entire user base. Users can control the use of cookies and local storage at the individual browser level. For details, please refer to the “Cookies Policy” section and the “Local Storage Policy” section below.
    • In addition, the Company uses Google Analytics to provide optimized user experience. Detailed information about the use of personal information by Google Analytics can be found at https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=ko.
  3. Information that the Company will not collect

    The Company will not ask you to share your private key or wallet seed. Never rely on any site or person that asks you to enter your private key or wallet seed.


In order to provide the Services, the Company uses your personal information in the following ways.

  1. Provision of the Services and compliance with laws and regulations
    • To enable you to access and use the Services
    • To provide the products and services that you may request
    • To send information including confirmation, technical notices, updates, security warning, and support and management messages
    • To comply with laws
    • Where the Company deems it necessary or appropriate to comply with relevant laws, legitimate requests, and legal procedures, such as responding to subpoenas or requests from government agencies

  2. Communication

    The Company uses your personal information to communicate promotions, scheduled events, and other news about the products and services provided by the Company and the Company’s partners.

  3. Platform optimization and client support services

    To optimize your user experience, the Company may use your personal information to operate, maintain, and improve the Services. Also, the Company may use your information to respond to your comments and questions about the Services and to provide you and other users with general client services.

  4. Your consent

    The Company may use or share your personal information with your consent, such as where you instruct to take a certain measure in relation to your personal information or choose a third party marketing communication.

  5. Compliance with rules

    The Company may use your personal information to protect, investigate, and prevent fraud or unauthorized or illegal activities.


Except as explained in this Privacy Policy, the Company will not share or sell any personal information you provide to any other entity without your express consent. The Company discloses personal information to any third party in the following circumstances.

  1. Provision and improvement of the Services
    • The Company may disclose your personal information to subsidiaries and corporate affiliates within the scope of this Privacy Policy in order to provide better services.
    • The Company may share information with persons who need it to operate the Services. Such recipients may include any third party companies and individuals who manage and provide the Services on behalf of the Company (e.g.: client support, hosting, email communication and database management services), attorneys, bankers, auditors, and insurance companies.
    • You may allow the Company to share your personal information with other companies or entities you choose. The personal information protection policy of the information recipient applies to such use.
    • The Company may also share aggregate or anonymized data with other users.
  2. Business transfer

    The Company may share personal information when the Company sells or transfers all or part of business or assets or negotiate business transactions. These transactions may include merger, financing, acquisition or any bankruptcy transaction or procedure.

  3. Compliance with laws and law enforcement
    • The Company may share information to comply with laws.
    • Where the Company’s obligation to share information is recognized under a special provision in laws, the Company may share information when there is a legitimate request pursuant to the lawful procedure prescribed in laws.
    • The Company may share information to protect the rights and properties of the Company, agents, clients, and others. This includes the implementation of contracts, policies, and terms of use.
    • The Company may share information in an emergency. This includes protecting the safety of employees, agents, clients or all other persons.
  4. Others
    • Where the personal information is necessary for performance of a contract related to provision of the Services and it is considerably difficult to obtain ordinary consent due to any economic or technical reason


The period for which data will be stored at the Company will vary depending on the type of information the Company holds about you, and the standards used to determine the storage period are as follows.

  • The period in which your personal information is necessary for provision of the Services
  • A reasonable period of time in which the Company must store information to prove that the Company has performed its obligations and responsibilities
  • The period of limitation within which any complaint or dispute may be raised
  • The storage period prescribed by laws or recommended by any regulatory agency, specialized institution, an organization or an inter-governmental organization
  • Whether any relevant lawsuit exists


  • The Company retains collected information to the extent that such information is necessary and relevant to accomplish the purpose described in this Privacy Policy.
  • Also, the Company retains personal information, where necessary, to comply with relevant laws, prevent fraud, settle disputes, settle problems, support investigation, enforce the terms of use, and take other measures permitted by laws.
  • In order to determine the appropriate retention period for personal information, the Company considers the amount, nature, and sensitivity of personal information, potential risks from unauthorized use or disclose of your personal information, and the Company’s purpose of processing your personal information and whether the Company processes your personal information.
  • The Company can achieve such purpose through other means and relevant legal requirements.
  • The Company uses industry standard security measures that are designed to protect security of all information submitted through the Services, and these measures and the information security policy considerably conform to widely accepted international standards. The Company will periodically review and update them, if necessary.
  • In some circumstances, the Company anonymizes your personal information (to be no longer associated with you), and in this case, the Company may use such information indefinitely without further notice to you.
  • However, security of information transmitted through the internet cannot be guaranteed. The security risk cannot be completely excluded, and the remaining risks cannot be avoided. The Company shall not be responsible for any interruption or suspension of communication through the internet or any change or loss of data.
  • However, security of information transmitted through the internet cannot be guaranteed. The security risk cannot be completely excluded, and the remaining risks cannot be avoided. The Company shall not be responsible for any interruption or suspension of communication through the internet or any change or loss of data.
  • Any user of the Services shall be responsible for maintaining security in passwords, biometrics, user IDs or any other authentication form related to obtaining the right to access the password protection area or the security area of our digital services.
  • If any violation of security to protect you and your data is suspected, we can temporarily suspend your use of the Services without any notice during investigation.


  1. Access, update, modification or deletion of your information

    You may access any information you voluntarily provide through your account in the Services, and may review, modify or delete such information by sending a request to support@kstadium.io. You may request a change of your contact information, refusal of sharing with others, and un update of personal information and basic settings.

    In case you intend to exercise such right, the Company will request any information that can verify your identity. This measure is to protect personal information. The identity information you provide shall be used only to verify your identity for the purpose of dealing with your request.

  2. General tracking technology

    General cookies, in general, can be deactivated or removed by tools that are provided as a part of most of the commercial browsers, and in some cases, can be blocked in the future by selecting specific settings. For details, you can refer to the “Cookies Policy” section below.

  3. Google Analytics

    You may move to https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout, download Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on, and exercise the option of Google Analytics related to use of cookies.


If you are under the age of 19 in your jurisdiction of residence, you can use the Services only with the consent and supervision of your parent or legal guardian.

  • If you become aware that you have received information directly from a child under the age of 13 without first obtaining the confirmed consent of the parent as required by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) (or in the case of any member state of the European Union, a child under the age of 16 without obtaining the confirmed consent of the parent), the relevant information shall be used only for direct responses. We will inform the child (or the child’s parent or legal guardian) that the child cannot use the site, and thereafter, we will delete the relevant information.


We understand that your personal information is important to you, and we make our best efforts to transparently disclose the technologies we use. This Policy, in the spirit of transparency, provides detailed information on the method and time of using cookies on our site.

  1. Whether cookies are used

    We use cookies so that we, our marketing partners, affiliates, and analysis or service providers can make all persons using the site have the best experience by using cookies, web beacons, pixels, and other technologies.

  2. What are cookies?

    Cookies (“Cookies”) are small text files stored by the web page server on your hard drive. Some cookies are deleted when you close the browser, and other cookies are stored even after you close the browser to recognize you when you return to the website. Cookies include information that can be read later by the web server of the domain which has issued cookies to you. Some cookies are used only when certain functions are used or specific basic settings are selected, and some cookies are used all the time. You can find details of each of the cookies when referring to the current list of cookies below. As the Company periodically updates such list, there may be additional cookies that have not been listed yet. Web beacons, tags, and scripts may be used to help us provide cookies on the site or email, calculate the number of visits, understand usage and campaign’s effects, read emails, and determine whether to take measures.

  3. Reasons for using cookies
    • To recognize new or past clients.
    • To store passwords when registered on our site.
    • To improve our site and better understand your visits to our platform and site.
    • To integrate with other companies’ social media websites.
    • To provide interest-based or targeted advertisements.
    • To search your activities over time on several websites or other platforms.
    • To better understand the interests of clients and website visitors.
  4. Some cookies are required for operation of the Company’s site. For instance, there are cookies that allow you to log into the security area. Without these cookies, it is not possible to provide a lot of services that are necessary to correctly use the site. If these cookies are used, you can access as you have requested, and you can create an account to access the site’s contents and recognize that you have logged into the relevant account. Here, cookies that can remember the user’s previous work within the same browsing session and protect the site are also included.

    In addition, third parties’ functional cookies and cookies are used for analysis and marketing purposes. If we use functional cookies, we can know whether certain parts of the site work properly and the user’s basic settings. Cookies for analysis purposes, among other things, collect any information about how visitors use our site, the contents and products viewed by users most frequently, and the effects of other companies’ advertisements. Cookies for advertising purposes deliver advertisements to highly relevant potential clients and help to display our advertisements at the top of search results.


  • Local storage, including Javascript-supported local storage, is a common method used by the website to store files in small letters and numbers in the browser. We use local storage to allocate a unique user ID to you for the purpose of communicating with you. Local Storage is deleted if the stored website is deleted. You can also delete local storage from the browser at any time by visiting the web browser setting.


  • If you have any questions, comments, complaints or suggestions concerning data protection or this Privacy Policy, or have any other concern about how we process your information, please use the address support@kstadium.io to contact the personal information protection department or the person in charge of data protection.
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